Regenerative medicine

What is regenerative medicine?

A Gift from Nature “Regeneration”

Regenerative medicine is a medical treatment that seeks to improve,
repair, or regenerate functionally and organically lost tissues or organs,
primarily by transplanting cultured and grown versions of one’s own cells or tissues.
It is expected to have the potential to provide fundamental
treatment of diseases, disease prevention, and new treatment methods for
intractable diseases, and clinical research has been conducted extensively.
Our body is composed of more than 30 trillion cells, and
every day 20 billion cells die and new cells are regenerated in a
“cellular turnover” that occurs on a much larger scale than we can imagine.
However, not all cells in the human body are replaced; 86% of replaced
cells are blood and 12% are gastrointestinal cells.
For example, brain nerve cells and eye lens cells,
which comprise 0.5% of all cells, are never replaced in a lifetime.
Stem cells are essential for the regeneration of these cells,
which are replaced daily, and they also play an important role
when the body needs to regenerate and repair itself.
We all have experienced “skin regeneration,” in which wounds heal naturally after
an injury or other physical damage.
Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge medical treatment that utilizes
the “regenerative power” that is inherent to the human body.

  • Regeneration and repair
    using cells and other

  • Lost body functions and

  • Disease treatment
    and prevention

Specific Treatment

“Healthy beauty” in the age of 100 years
of life
The most advanced anti-aging treatment
at JK Medical Group

01Autologous adipose-derived
stem cell therapy

Stem cells are cells in the early stages of development that can transform
into all the cells and tissues in our body.
Through a process called differentiation, stem cells develop their own functions and
change their shape.
Until differentiation, they exist in an “undifferentiated state,” but they also have
the ability to differentiate into various types of cells, including the regenerative ability
to proliferate on their own.
Although regular cells increase the number of individuals by division, stem cells have the
ability to create various cells and tissues such as brain, skin, cartilage, bone, nerve,
and muscle by dividing and differentiating.
Various stem cell therapeutic agents are being researched and have already been approved
as stem cell therapies for the treatment of intractable and chronic diseases that are
conventionally considered difficult to treat.
It is also used in the treatment of intractable diseases, and numerous studies on its effects
and mechanisms are being conducted at various medical research institutes in Japan and abroad.
Stem cells are cultured from fat (about 50 cc) extracted from the abdomen, thighs, etc.,
grown to a specific volume, and then injected into the patient’s body.
JK Medical Japan’s JK CELL Program is a regenerative medicine clinic established in Japan
for cutting-edge stem cell therapy based on the technology and knowledge of JK Cosmetic Surgery,
the No. 1 clinic in the Korean aesthetic medicine and wellness industry.
Stem cells are highly regarded worldwide in the fields of preventive medicine, anti-aging
and cosmetic medicine.
Physical aging is inevitable for all of us.
As we age, our bones, joints, and muscles weaken, as well as our eyesight and hearing function.
In addition, memory and immune function deteriorate, and the skin loses its elasticity and luster.
These changes and deterioration of functions are due to cellular aging.

Characteristics of Stem Cells

  • regenerative-medicine-eng
    Self-renewal ability

    The ability to divide themselves
    into cells with the exact same

  • regenerative-medicine-eng

    It has the ability to change (differentiate)
    into the various cells that make up the body.

  • regenerative-medicine-eng
    Homing effect

    Intravenously administered cultured stem cells
    have the ability to identify areas in need
    of regeneration.

Effects of Stem Cell Therapy


Expected clinical
application possibilities

Characteristics of stem cells provided by JK Medical Japan

JK Cell Clinic has obtained a provision plan number,
including Type II regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine using stem cells is strictly examined by the
Specific Accreditation Committee for Regenerative Medicine approved
by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for the appropriateness,
safety, physician system, and cell processing management system of
such treatment.
If the committee determines that the treatment is appropriate,
a treatment plan can be submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and
Welfare, and the treatment can be performed for the first time.
JK is a medical facility that has gone through the formal process of
submitting a Type 2 Regenerative Medicine Provision Plan to the
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and obtained a plan number.

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    High-quality stem cell culture with high purity 1.5 to 300 million cells

    The optimal number of cells is cultured based on the treatment and physique.

  • regenerative-medicine-eng
    GMP facility, proprietary technology (Good manufacturing practices)

    With proprietary technology for adipose stem cell isolation and cultivation, JK provides global stem cell treatment overseas for the convenience of its clients in cooperation with affiliated hospitals in Korea.

  • regenerative-medicine-eng
    JK’s original regenerative medicine program for health and beauty

    JK’s original program (stem cell intravenous injection × local injection, cosmetic medicine, etc.), which incorporates 23 years of knowledge of cosmetic medicine and the latest regenerative medicine, can achieve “healthy beauty” through simultaneous treatment.

Process of JK stem cell

STEP 01 Counseling

Stem cell therapy starts with counseling. The doctor will provide a detailed
explanation of the purpose, safety, and risks of the treatment in accordance with the
“Guidelines for Human Somatic Stem Cells” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and
Welfare. The patient and family members will receive a full explanation and
understanding of the details and plan of the stem cell treatment, and the treatment
will be initiated only after the patient agrees to the treatment and plan policy of
his/her own volition.

STEP 02 Examination

After obtaining consent from the patient, we proceed to perform blood collection
and examinations.
Various tests are conducted to check for infections such as viruses.

STEP 03 Fat Extraction

To prevent infection, fat is collected from the subcutaneous tissue in the abdomen
in a meticulously clean operating room with proper hygiene management.
A small incision, approximately 1 centimeter, is made in the abdominal area
to extract fat particles about the size of a grain of rice.
After the collection, the patient can return home immediately,
and they can resume their normal daily activities,
including showering and bathing, from the next day.

STEP 04 Stem Cell Administration

-Stem cell administration is performed 1 to 4 times based on the patient’s condition. The administration takes place in a treatment room at “Kofu JK Clinic,” located in the city known as Japan’s most stylish natural town and renowned for the iconic Mount Fuji. The clinic emphasizes complete private rooms and prioritizes privacy, allowing patients to receive the administration while relaxing on a reclining bed.
-The methods of administration, such as intravenous, subcutaneous, muscular, or joint injections, are tailored to the treatment plan. For aesthetic treatments or functional movement therapy for joint disorders, a combination of local and intravenous administration may be used.
-Kofu JK Clinic has doctors and staff proficient in English, Korean, and Japanese, ensuring patients can undergo treatment with confidence.
*There is no need for hospitalization.

STEP 05 Stem Cell Cultivation

The collected fat and blood are sent to the JK Cell Culture Center,
where stem cells are cultured under rigorous quality control.
The cultivation process takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks, ultimately resulting
in the proliferation of several hundred million stem cells.

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  • Program 02 Disease Preventive Treatment MORE VIEW
  • Program 03 Regenerative Aesthetic
  • Program 04 Physical Function
    Restoration and
    Reconstructive Medicine

Regeneration of cells by one’s own blood

02Platelet rich plasma treatment

What is Platelet rich plasma treatment? PRP directly means platelet rich plasma.
Blood is composed of 55% plasma and 45% blood cells, with platelets making up less than 1% of the blood cells.
Therefore, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is created by separating blood using a centrifuge.
The separated plasma contains concentrated platelets, which are injected or infiltrated directly into various areas, such as the skin and joints.
Since it uses one‘s own blood, it is also known as “vampire injections. PRP is rich in platelets and protein-based growth factors that activate cell regeneration.
The components work on damaged skin to promote collagen and elastin production, resulting in skin regeneration.
It can also be injected into damaged cartilage, ligaments, or muscle parts to induce cell proliferation at the inflamed area.
Since it is a regenerative medicine method using one’s own blood, the speed of regeneration is fast and side effects are minimal.
Unlike surgical treatment, this procedure is not physically demanding and can be applied to elderly patients.

PRP Characteristics

  • Before
  • After
  • regenerative-medicine-eng

Effects of PRP Therapy(Skin)

  • Elasticity
  • Moisture
  • Inflammation
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin tone
  • Pores

PRP Therapy Effects
(Joints and other damaged areas)


PRP Therapy Effects(Hair loss)


PRP Treatment Process

  • regenerative-medicine-eng

    Blood sampling

    Centrifugation Plasma separation

  • regenerative-medicine-eng

    Injection or administration

    *Administration by local injection or dermapen4 on the face, skin, etc.
Program 01 Anti-Aging Treatment

At JK Cell Clinic, we pursue “healthy beauty” and are dedicated to anti-aging medical care to maintain vitality and youthfulness. Stem cell therapy is primarily performed alongside the treatment of age-related conditions, offering the opportunity to reclaim youthfulness from within. True anti-aging treatment involves restoring beauty from the inside of the body. By repairing cellular functions, experience a radiant beauty and a genuinely youthful vitality that lasts. Embrace the true essence of “youthfulness” by undergoing anti-aging treatment that goes beyond surface-level aesthetics.

Program 02 Disease Prevention Treatment

The condition before falling ill is termed “pre-disease” or “unhealthy state.” If robust prevention is implemented before the onset of illness, it becomes possible to lead a healthier and more youthful life. Administering cultured stem cells to damaged areas allows for the repair of cells and tissues with precursor symptoms of disease. Moreover, the immunomodulatory effects of stem cells contribute to normalizing immune functions.

Program 03 Regenerative Cosmetic Medical Care Achieve radiant, healthy beauty from within! We regenerate skin tissues.

The regeneration of aging skin is an area where JK excels the most. Regenerative cosmetic treatments, including stem cell therapy, high-oncentration vitamin C therapy, lifting procedures, and the restoration of skin radiance using stem cell culture supernatant, can all be performed simultaneously. Moreover, the activation of cells, one of the effects of stem cell administration, is enhanced, providing effective solutions for concerns such as hair growth and hair loss.

Program 04 Functional Recovery & Regenerative Medicine for Knee Joints Long-term improvement in knee joint pain and functionality

Stem cells, akin to cellular “babies,” enhance tissue recovery, with greater abundance leading to increased tissue repair capabilities. Administering stem cells to damaged joints and cartilage has an anti-inflammatory and pain-alleviating effect, offering not only temporary relief but also long-lasting benefits. In conditions like degenerative knee joint arthritis, where cartilage gradually wears down and joints undergo deformation, stem cell therapy utilizes the patient’s own cells, minimizing the risk of rejection. By injecting stem cells into the joint, there’s an expectation of safeguarding and sustaining the condition of the cartilage.
*Non-surgical, no hospitalization


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