Immune cell therapy

What is Immunity?

Immunity is the defense of one’s body against foreign substances and cancer cells. Humans are born with a mechanism called “immunity” that protects the body by attacking cells, viruses, and cancer cells that develop in the body. It maintains health by removing foreign substances to gain immunity and eliminating cancer cells and waste products. However, deficient immunity can lead to chronic infections and cancer, while excessive immunity can cause allergic and autoimmune diseases. Immune cells can be divided into two categories: congenital immunity, such as macrophages, NK cells, and B cells; acquired immunity, such as T cells and B cells; and dendritic cells and γδ T cells, which are involved in both.


Natural immunity/Acquired immunity

  • 自然免疫(先天性免疫)

    生まれながら持っている免疫、非特異的自然免疫 (例:目にほこりが入ったら涙が出る現象)

  • 獲得免疫(適応免疫)

    病原体に対応しながら学習と記憶により形成される免疫、 (例:インフルエンザ予防接種)

Classification Types Effects
Natural immunity(Innate immunity) Macrophage Phagocytosis
NK cells Kills abnormal cells
Acquired immunity(Adapted immunity) B cells Antibody production (induction of humoral immune response)
T cells CDB
T cell
Killer T cells: Killing abnormal cells
(Induction of cellular immune response)
T cell
Helper T cells:
Activation of Th1-CTLs and macrophages.
Th2-B cell differentiation and induction of antibody production.
Natural &
Acquired Immunity
Dendritic cell Antigen presentation
γδT cells Antigen presentation and killing of abnormal cells

Immune management
delays immune aging
and extends healthy life span

Although the development of modern medicine has increased life expectancy, healthy life expectancy has not reached yet. Immunity is a key determinant of healthy life expectancy. Our body’s immune system protects the body from external infectious organisms and cancer cell development. Abnormal immune responses and immune aging can cause allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, depression, and anxiety, as well as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other diseases of old age.
Immune aging

As we age, various functions of the body age. The aging of the immune system is called “immune aging”. Immune aging occurs with age when the thymus gland, which is responsible for the production of T cells, declines in function. Immune aging causes cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases, increased incidence of serious infections, and decreased vaccine response.

  • 糖尿病、肥満、代謝性疾患など
  • 感染性疾患にかかりやすい方
  • がん病歴、家族歴がある方
  • 喫煙及び過剰な飲酒をされる方
  • 慢性疲労、過剰なストレスのある方

JK Immune Cell Therapy

  • Imune_en

    Unlike conventional single-cell therapy, a new type of therapy that integrates the use of immune cells that carry out various functions.

  • Imune_en

    JK immune cell therapy is the first mono-culture, fusion immuno-cell therapy in Korea, a new paradigm of fusion immuno-cell therapy that maximizes efficacy through fusion administration. Since the cells are cryopreserved after activation, the degree of cell activation is very high.

  • Imune_en

    By culturing each cell in a single culture, such as more than 1 billion cells (NK, CTL) or more than 10 million cells (iNKT, dendritic cells), and then administering the combined number of cells, the number of cells administered can be kept constant, which differs from other companies.


A New Paradigm for Immune Cell Therapy

  • A new way of treatment that can solve the problems of side effects and resistance of existing anti-cancer Immune Cell Therapy.
  • Removal of microscopic residual lesions and prevention of recurrence and metastasis.
  • It is possible to administer 6-12 times with a single blood draw, reducing the physical burden on the patient and improving the quality of life.
  • Blood collection with Apheresis equipment can obtain 30 times higher number of immune cells than general blood collection.

Immune cell

  • Imune_en
    NK cells NK cells

    Attacks virus-
    infected cells and
    tumor-injured cells.

  • Imune_en
    Macrophages Macrophages

    Bacteria phagocytosis Dispose of fruits
    and waste products,
    Antigen presentation Antiviral,
    Anticancer therapy

  • Imune_en
    iNKT cells iNKT cells

    Immunosuppression of
    various immune diseases
    and enhancement of

  • Imune_en
    Dendritic cells Dendritic cells

    The most potent
    cells against
    cancer cells.

  • Imune_en
    B-lymphocyte B-lymphocyte

    Antibody production

  • Imune_en
    T-lymphocytes T-lymphocytes

    Attack tumor cells
    with histocompatible
    antigen binding.

Cost of Immune Cell
Therapy, a regenerative
medicine for outpatients

*The above fees include counseling, testing,
anesthesia, fat collection, cell culture,
injection, and airport pick-up and drop-off

Immune cell therapy for outpatients (6 sessions)

(NK cells, cytotoxic T cells, and dendritic cells)

30 million won

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